Due to the escalating situation, It is with regret that we have made the decision to cancel our production of Hell Fire Corner. If you paid for your ticket in advance, we will give details of how to claim a refund in due course.

You might have noticed the increased activity on our Facebook page. I will continue to try and share theatrically based posts that we can all look at while we are shut down. I will also add anything else, particularly music, that I think would be of interest to our members.

Please feel free to share posts. As long as they are legal & you think they would be of interest to our members, we are a broad church & welcome all offerings.

The message is strong & clear. If we work together, we will get through this. Many of our members are in the “vulnerable” category due to age. If you are in that category, Please, Please Please stay safe.

If you can help a fellow member, please do so safely. In the first instance, please use either Roseland Local or Veryan & Portloe Stores who have both been long term sponsors of Veryan Players. They are offering same day delivery. There are a number of other local businesses who are also offering delivery.

Hell Fire Corner WILL be performed (Our cast is keen to follow through) Please give us time to work out the where & when. (We’d be delighted if even a fragment of the Twenty thousand came and saw us! Trelawney is referenced a few times during the play) Someone has suggested we come down & perform in the real “Hell Fire Corner”. It is something we would consider & would need to talk to the Redruth Rugby Club Committee. It would however be technically difficult. Never say never though.

In our forthcoming production “Hell Fire Corner”, DM Thomas explores the lives of people living and working in the tin-mining communities in Cornwall at the beginning of the twentieth century.                                

 Demand for tin was volatile. The work was hard, dangerous and unhealthy. Living and working conditions were poor. Against this background of hardship emerge the themes of community, and the relief and pleasure found through singing and rugby. We follow the life of Jack, as he struggles to provide for his wife and family, and his declining health, as he himself enjoys following the achievements of Bert Solomon, whose successful rugby career provided encouragement and hope. Bert was a real person, a local lad from Redruth who eventually played for England.

VERYAN PLAYERS- production of “Hell Fire Corner” from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th March, 7.30pm Veryan Parish Hall. Tickets from Veryan and Portloe Stores, Dee on 01872 501974, or tickets@veryanplayers.org.uk

About Us

Veryan Players were originally formed in 1957. After a period of inactivity, the Players came back to life in 1991 and have been active ever since.

Two to three productions are staged a year, ranging from high brow to farce, mystery to comedy (although not pantomime which we leave to our friends in Tregony and St Mawes). This allows a rehearsal period of about 12 weeks for each production. Rehearsals are twice a week, mostly Mondays and Thursdays, but not every cast member is always called to every rehearsal. Other roles such as backstage, publicity and front of house involve being available nearer to the time of performance and immediately afterwards.

Performances are usually 3 nights, a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

People have different reasons for belonging to an amateur dramatic society- obviously we need people to act on the stage (we could do with some more acting members between the ages of say, 18 – 45!) but we also need people to do other things, such as reading through plays and letting us know of any they would like to see us perform. We need more people to help put up the stage in Veryan Parish Hall before each production (and to dismantle it afterwards), to help front of house or backstage during productions, set building, or to simply help with the refreshments during the play intervals. Many hands make light work- although work is hardly the word to use when one is having such a good time. Amateur dramatics is great fun so why not give it a go?

Current Committee

John Veness – Chairman

Graham Webb- Treasurer
Michelle Couch- Secretary
Bob Field- Parish Hall representative
Richard Clarke- Technical

The director of the current production is an ex-officio member of the committee.


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